We’re brewing up the strongest plants
Las plantas fuerte claro
We’re bringing forth the good force
Strike like bow and arrow

Brewing slow, special blends
Up for grabs, and then it ends
Orbits and comes back again

Keep watch, keep close

Welcome along

It’s a different world

It’s a different song





The Plants and You

Welcome along

Brewed and Directed by Morgan Maher

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I’ve been working with plants for nearly 20 years.

In this time I’ve developed relationships with plants I consider to be the strongest.

Plants with character, gusto, punch and sparkle.

Plants that I keep close.

Power plants.

Teacher plants.

My journey with the plants began with Ayahuasca, a plant that serves as both guide and criterion with which I connect and create with other plants.

While this work is rooted in Amazonian herbalism and shamanism, over the years the long journey branches and snakes, and I have come to know many plants, and many ways.

Connecting Amazonian, Chinese, North American and contemporary health, healing and performance practices to engage a broad-spectrum, high potency, force.

The force of the plants.

The force of the planet.

A way through, above and beyond.

To a different way of seeing and being.

It’s been here forever.

You’re just in time.

It’s opening up.

Welcome along.